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We hear you - our rewards program needs to be updated. We're happy to announce that we'll be making those upgrades for you on April 2, 2018!
The new program will include new features like exclusive membership discounts, sweepstakes, and special offers and deals as well as old favorites like clubs. The best part about this new program? You can earn points on EVERY purchase*! You can sign up today in your favorite station or, here, online.
Remember, you won't be able to use this account until April 2, 2018!
For Current Rewards Members: 
Until our new Rewards For You program is launched, you can continue to use your
current rewards account to continue earning and redeeming points.
A few important facts during this time of transition:
- Your current account is active until 4/1/18
- You must use your points before 4/1/18 
-Any unused points will expire at the close of business on 4/1/18
- Your current card and account will no longer be active on 4/2/18
- A new account must be created and registered prior to use, starting on 4/2/18
*Points will not be earned on alcohol, tobacco, or lottery purchases.